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BlackTea(Tachibana)Leaf 50g

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The aroma of citrus and Uji black tea are mixed together to make a delicious black tea.
It is perfect for when you want to relax.
Probably because we are the only company that sells this black tea blended with tachibana, it is still not familiar to the general public.

That is why we would like many people to taste the Uji black tea (Tachibana) blended with this legendary fruit. It is available in limited quantities.

"Tachibana (also known as Yamato Tachibana) is a legendary fruit that Emperor Taruhito (the 11th emperor of Japan) ordered Tamamori to bring him a medicine that would give him immortality. (According to the Chronicles of Japan)

Its citrus and seekers have more than 20 times the nobiletin content of onshu mandarin oranges, so it makes sense that they were medicines at the time.
Genetic analysis has shown that only Okinawa's seekers and tachibana (also known as Yamato Tachibana) are native to Japan among the many species of camellias found in Japan.

Nobiletin, a type of flavonoid contained in camellias, has a wide range of effects, including inhibition of carcinogenesis and metastasis of cancer, prevention of rheumatism, joint destruction, osteoporosis, protection of skin from ultraviolet rays, and improvement of memory impairment in dementia.
It has also been shown to improve lipid metabolism, anti-atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes in animal models of disease.

There is no doubt that it is an excellent functional food for people today.
It also contains a lot of linalool, which has the following main effects
It has sedative, anxiolytic, hypotensive, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects, and is especially good for sedation, which is used to calm the mind.
However, as it has a sedative effect, it is not suitable for when you want to concentrate.
It also has a hypotensive effect, so people with low blood pressure should be careful.

On the other hand, black tea contains a lot of teraflavin, which removes active oxygen, and has the effect of suppressing the antioxidant effect, which is most important for the human body.

It is recommended to drink it without sugar.

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