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Kyoto Uji Tea Set(TB)

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This is a set of five different teas for those who want to enjoy a variety of flavors easily.

This set contains 5 pieces of each of the 5 types of tea in the popular Japanese green tea bag.
Gyokuro (TB) 5 pieces
Sencha (TB) 5 pieces
Hojicha (TB) 5 pcs.
Uji black tea (TB) 5 pcs.
Genmai Sencha with Matcha (TB) 5 pieces

The materials used in the TeaBag are plant-derived and carefully selected.

The tea bags are made from authentic Kyoto Uji tea, which is used in famous hotels and restaurants in Kyoto.
Please enjoy it.

Kyoto Uji Tea Set Total 25 pieces (TB) €16.9 (incl. tax)