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Organic mint "Sencha”(TB) 10ps set

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Organic Mint “Sencha” Japanese Green Tea (TB) 1TB/3g

A blend of Egyptian organic mint (herb) and organic Japanese green tea “Sencha”.

“Sencha” is a very common type of Japanese green tea.
“Sencha” is a very common type of Japanese green tea and is now grown in many parts of Japan.

When it came from China in the past, it was used as a medicine. At that time, tea was not green like Chinese tea.
Later, Mr. Soen Nagatani created the process of Japanese green tea in Ujitawara, Kyoto. Since then, it has come to be drunk by the general public.
This is the reason why the place where we grow Japanese green tea has been recognized as the birthplace of Japanese green tea and the first Japanese heritage site.

The shoots of tea leaves grown without agricultural chemicals are steamed, rubbed, and dried.
The more advanced the product, the better the flavor and aroma.

Japanese green tea is generally poured with hot water, but it can also be drunk with water if you take your time from the night before.

On a hot day, it can be chilled in the refrigerator for a crisp and refreshing taste.
Of course, it can also be served hot.

The mint flavor and the delicious taste of “Sencha” enhance the taste of this product, giving you a refreshing taste.
Please drink without sugar.

Limited quantities available.

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